Page Templates

Here’s an overview of the various page templates used on this site.
All of the templates are reusable and customizable on a per-page basis!


Page template designed to be a home page but can be used for any page in the theme.
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Simply displays the archives of your blog, edit archives.php to customize further.
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This “Contact” page is perfect for creating pages that need a contact form and map.
As seen in my demo, you could create as many contact pages as neeeded.
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Custom Category (Blog)

Use this as the template for your blog pages for maximum options!

This is a reusable page that allows you to choose which category or categories of posts to pull in.
Create multiple pages with different custom fields to pull in, ex: Personal Blog vs. Professional, Press Releases vs. Product News…
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Custom Gallery

Displays posts in various formats, very powerful and reusable.

This reusable page template pulls posts in just like the home page miniposts, just in a larger setting with more features.
Feel free to create multiple pages using the custom gallery template, adjusting the custom fields per-page to control them individually.
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