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Custom Gallery

Here’s a page using a few of the cudazi_gallery shortcodes. You can find it used throughout the site, adding small galleries to posts/pages. It has many more options than the default gallery and pulls photos from other posts that use the “Featured Image” setting.


Code used: [ cudazi_gallery thumbsize='small' categories='3' columns='6' posts_per_page='6' navigation='disabled' ]


Code used: [ cudazi_gallery thumbsize='medium' categories='3' columns='3' posts_per_page='3' navigation='disabled' ]


Code used: [ cudazi_gallery thumbsize='large' categories='3' columns='2' posts_per_page='2' navigation='disabled' ]


  • Thumbnail Size (small, medium or large)
  • Columns
  • Posts Per Page
  • Categories (12,33,44 – List of Category IDs to include/exclude)
  • Title (show/hide)
  • Link to file (lightbox, if installed), or Post
  • Navigation (show/hide)
  • Order By (ID, title, random, etc…)
  • Order (Ascending, Decending)

This page is also set to 1 column in the custom write panel.